Church Council

Overall Administration of the Church

The Church Council is responsible for the general administration of the church and consists of the elected members of each church department and the pastor. Read our Constitution and Bylaws to learn more.

The ultimate authority for the Church is God. On a human level, the ultimate authority for Community Church of Boulder Junction is the congregation's membership. That authority is exercised primarily at the annual meeting, held in July. Special business meetings can be called, but that is rare.

We have seven departments which administer the activities of the church: Elders, Christian Education, Stewardship of Finances, Church Property, Worship and Music, Missions, and Personnel. Members of these departments are elected at the annual meeting and serve three-year terms, with the exception of the Elders, who have five-year terms. Members of these departments constitute the Church Council.

The Church Council meets monthly, the second Tuesday of the month at 5:30 p.m. Anyone can attend Council meetings; only the members can vote.

We also have various committees. One very important committee is the Nominating Committee. They are responsible "to arrange that candidates, who are agreeable and capable of serving, be available for the annual election or other vacancy." (Quote is from the Bylaws.)

It is important to realize that we members "should regard it a privilege and a sacred duty to use our gifts, both spiritual and material, for the furtherance of the work of this church and God's kingdom."