Church Property

Care and Maintenance

Storage Building

The new storage building is almost complete.  Stay tuned for updates on moving items, equipment, department supplies to the new building.   It is conveniently located behind the Food Pantry building.

New storage unit

May 8, 2019

phase III of our campus renovation program was the addition of a new storage building.  Property department has been working on location and bids.  The decision has been made to use the space behind the existing food pantry.  It has been surveyed,  we have talked with the neighbors, presented to the Council and site preparations will begin within the next month.  The building will be 24’ x 40’ and constructed by Cleary Company.  Thanks to our wonderful church members and friends who participated in the capital fund drive, we have the money in the bank and will stay within our budget of $30,000.  If you have questions, feel free to talk with anyone on our Property Department,

Shirley Meriwether, Property Department chairperson


The Church Property department arranges for the care and maintenance of church property, including buildings and grounds.

Have you noticed something in the church building or on the grounds that needs attention, repairs, or maintenance? This email link will get your suggestions to the right people.