Department of Elders

Meeting the Spiritual Needs of the Church Members

The Department of Elders shall share with the pastor the responsibilities of meeting the spritual needs of the church members.

This shall include:

  • maintaining and updating a membership roster.
  • overseeing all the church services.
  • advising those in need.
  • visiting the sick and needy.
  • assisting the Pastor in disciplinary action regarding church members.
  • caring for the benevolent activities of the church.
  • assisting with the Sacrament of Holy Communion.
  • encouraging members in the use and development of their individual gifts and talents.

Your Elders are available to you with just a phone call. Let us know what your needs are. Would you like a phone call or a visit? We want to be available when there is a need.

Harold Eick 715-385-2173

Duane Marquardt 715-385-2720

LeeAnn Ondracek 715-892-1227

Ellie Orbison 715-892-1240

Bonnie Pollard 715-588-7244

Shelby Tallroth 715-605-2665

Lorine Walters 715-686-2725