Reaching out to others in our community, our nation, and the world.

The church By laws state "The Department of Missions, three or more in number, is to express, through giving, the congregations' love for God and His creation by expanding the congregation's awareness of the mission of the Christian Church, by informing the congregation of local, national, and worldwide mission needs, and by providing the congregation with opportunities to support mission needs through its prayers, moneys, and personal service."

Utilizing tithes and offerings, our church Missions Department partners with our church congregation enabling our church no only to exist as a place to worship - but receive its true blessing and vitality. it is in service and support of the marginalized and needy in our community, in our nation, and throughout the world where we can do God's work according to scripture. All of us together as a church community bless and change the lives of those in need. We are told in Deuteronomy 15:11 "For the poor will never cease out of the land, therefore I command you, you shall open wide your hands to your brother, to your needy, and your poor in your land." Missions Department's purpose is to carry God's love, compassion, encouragement, and hope into the lives of children, youth, and family. We are committed to help their economic sustainability; to help meet their humanitarian needs; to help guide their spiritual needs; and administer to their physical health needs. Our focus is threefold:

Health Care and Medical Assistance

Spreading the Gospel

Child Safety and Protection

Covenant World Relief

One of the charitable entities The Community Church of Boulder Junction has supported is the Covenant World Relief fund. Covenant World Relief funds are used to bring assistance to areas in the U.S. and around the world at times of tornadoes, earthquakes, severe drought, tsunamis, famine, etc. The funds are also used for community development projects, such as clean water and sanitation, micro-financing start-up businesses, medical care, women's empowerment, building of schools, etc. Covenant World Relief & Development works through local partners around the world to reduce human suffering for the most volnerable people and support healthy communities.